How do I use promotion codes?

You would like to offer no cost (or reduced rate) registrations to your event sponsors, VIPs or staff, while still allowing them to register online.

Promotion codes are used to give sponsors and others a 'coupon' for a no-charge or discounted registration. This is the basic concept of promotion codes – to create and distribute them - by phone, letter or email – and have them used later for no charge registrations.

Using Promotion Codes

The easiest way to handle promotion codes is to generate the full set of codes that you will need to run the event in advance. If you have a Gold Sponsorship that includes two free registrations with each package, and you expect to sell two Gold Sponsors, then generate four Gold promo codes. However, if you are utilizing the event capacity feature, then it may be wise to generate promotion codes on an as needed basis. This is because your system will reserve a registration spot for promotion codes, when using the event capacity feature.

Remember that if you sell a sponsorship that requires the sponsor to have other event participants register at no charge later, you must create and send the sponsor these codes. If you create them in advance, it will be easier to send them as sponsors are added to the event. (But again, if registration is limited by event capacity, by creating them in advance you will limit the number of registrations that can be accepted.)

Once you have active promotion codes, the promotion code box will automatically appear on the bottom of your Event Registration & Product Sales page or the Shopping Cart.

Generating Promo Codes

  1. Click on Tools -> Promotion Codes -> Add New Promotion Code
  2. Enter a Promo Code Prefix (ie GOLD). Use a Promo Prefix that relates to the package or purpose for the promotion.
  3. Enter the quantity of promotion codes available. You may enter Unlimited if you wish to use the promotion code in your marketing materials to a larger audience.
  4. Enter the amount (value) of the promotion. This the total discount amount and is applied to the entire order. It cannot be earmarked for a specific product. 
  5. Description – add a quick description that relates to the sponsorship package or other purpose for issuing the code.
  6. Recipient Email – by using this field, the intended recipient will receive a message with the promo codes by email – only use this feature after you have tested it yourself, and only if you are sending all of the codes to the same person. If you don’t use this feature, you can email the codes later.
  7. Assigned Sponsor – Optional Field – use this field if you want to tie each code to an actual sponsor, for tracking purposes. This is not usually needed. 
  8. Sponsor Package – Optional Field - if you want to tie each code to an actual sponsor package.

When you generate promotion codes, they are generated with the Promo Code Prefix you provide (up to 6 characters), followed by a randomly generated 4 digit number – e.g. GOLD1045. These numbers will not be in sequence, and will be random. The reason they are random is to make it hard for people to guess promotion codes; this feature makes sure they are more secure.



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