Adding transaction fees to cover credit card expenses

You would like to pass on your credit card processing fees to your constituents. You want to add that fee into the price, if a registrant chooses to use a credit card or PayPal processing (instead of paying by check).

Organizations can use the Credit Card Surcharge option found under Tools -> Payment Settings to cover the cost of the transaction fees associated with credit card processing. To add a Credit Card Surcharge, which will be applied for PayPal or Credit Card Transactions only, complete the following fields: Credit Card Surcharge Name and Credit Card Surcharge Rate.  You may select a surcharge rate of 1-15%. As an example, PayPal users may charge an additional 3% of the transaction to cover PayPal's transaction fees.

If you wish to add a tax or surcharge to all transactions regardless of payment type (ie including checks and cash), please see:How can I add a tax or surcharge to transactions?


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