What is the difference between Pre-processing and Post-processing of donations?

You want to better understand your options for accepting donations for a walk-a-thon or other Pledge event.

You can configure your Pledge event for two types of payments:

  1. Pre-Processing: Donations are charged at the time of donating. With integrated payment processing, these orders are charged automatically and display as Complete. This is the easiest and recommended setting. If you want all donations to be charged at the time the donation is made, change your 'Payment Processing' settings to 'Pre-process Only' from Pledge -> Settings. This is the common setting if you are only accepting Flat-rate Pledges.
  2. Post-Processing (Process After the Event): Per Unit of Effort Pledges must be charged after the event when unit totals are calculated. If donors select this option, their credit cards will not be processed automatically, but will be securely stored until an administrator charges them manually after the event.

To charge pledges after your event, change your 'Payment Processing' settings to 'Post-process Only' or 'Both' (recommended: you will likely still want to process donations at the time they are made) from Pledge -> Settings. Read more here on making these final charges.



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