Configuring free vs. paid registration pages for Pledge events

You would like to know your registrations options for a Pledge or Crowdfunding event.

There are three registration page options that you can consider for your Pledge event registration: one is for free / no cost registrations and the others are for registrations that require a fee be paid.

Free / No Cost Registration

The first is a no cost registration. This page is very simple for registrants and they can create or join teams as part of the registration process. You can also ask your participants questions, but you cannot sell products as there is no shopping cart on the page (you can still sell products on a different page).

This page is called Pledge Participant Registration and can be enabled from Website -> Pages.

Fee Required Registration

If you choose to charge a registration fee for your participants, you will need to enable the Registration Fees or Event Registration & Product Sales page from Website -> Pages.

Use Registration Fees if your registrants will join as individuals or pay to Create or Join a Team - this is the most common option for Pledge events.

You can also explore using the Event Registration & Product Sales page if you are selling teams that must register and pay as a group.



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