How do I archive or deactivate last years sponsors?

You wish to archive or deactivate last years sponsors, without deleting them entirely.

Follow these steps for archiving last years sponsors:

  1. Click on Tools -> Clear System Data, and check the Deactivate all Sponsors option, and press Confirm. This will archive all the existing sponsors as inactive and will remove all sponsors from the public website.
  2. Click on Sponsors -> All. Notice that there are NO sponsors on this list, which shows only active sponsors.
  3. Click on the link Show Inactive Sponsors. This will show the list of all of last years sponsors, which were archived in #1 above.
  4. Click on the 'activate' link next to each sponsor name as you want to re-activate them. They will then appear in the active sponsor list, and back on the main website under Sponsors.

You may also wish to deactivate Single Sponsors (not as a bulk action):

  • Go to Sponsors -> All & Click on 'edit' next to the Sponsor name you want to deactivate
  • Locate the 'Sponsor Active?' field and set it to NO from the pull down menu
  • Hit 'Update' to save your changes.

As existing sponsors return to the event, they will create a sponsor record at the time they register online. Make sure to merge with the archive record, or just delete the new sponsor record, and activate the old record. In this way, you can save their logo and other information and not have to upload it again this year.



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