Step 10: Setting Up Your Account to Accept Credit Cards

You are setting up your payment processing so that you can receive credit card payments through your website.

You can set up your account to accept credit cards by selecting a payment processor. A payment processor receives your money and then transfers it to your designated bank account. Click here to read more about your Payment Processing Options.

Configuring Your Account to Accept Credit Cards

You will manage the intake of funds from Tools -> Payment Settings. Make sure you configure Payment Settings before folks start signing up for your event.

At Tools -> Payment Settings, select each of the credit cards you wish to accept. You can also select cash or check and other options in conjunction with your credit card options.

With PayPal, do not choose the credit card options; rather check only the PayPal box.  Once donors are directed to the PayPal payment interface, they will have the opportunity to select a credit card type.

Setting Up Your Payment Processor

To set up your payment processor, you will:

  1. Select your payment processor from the pull-down menu
  2. Fill in Payment Processing ID
  3. Fill in Payment Processing Password/Confirm Payment Processor Password (skip the password fields if using PayPal).

Payment Processing ID and Password fields are used differently depending on which payment processing option you choose.  For payment processor specifics, please check the KB article specifically for your payment processor of choice.

Test It Out!

Finally, once your payment processing is set up, make sure you run a test registration for testing purposes. Be sure to use a real credit card and make a real donation.

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